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For any creative entering the industry, The Heart of Showbusiness podcasts are a rare gem. Thanks so much Alexia, for pulling back the curtain among a company of friends. Each and every podcast is inspirational!

An intimate podcast that makes you feel like an insider

Alexia has made a great platform for people working inside the industry and also for people who are curious about how it works. She explores so many facets of it in an honest, heart-centered fashion. Very refreshing, professional, and informative!

Inspiring podcast

One of the greatest podcast out there!! Very informative and amazing content!! Each episode has nuggets in it you can use in real life!!! Even if your not in show business!! Amazing tips for every walk of life!!!!! Must listen to weekly!!! Very grateful I found this podcast!!!! It has changed my life with the nuggets I have learned!!!


The Heart of Show Business is a must for anyone who aspires to work in this industry. I highly recommend Alexia's podcast for anyone who wants to learn more about both the art and the business of filmmaking.

Heart of Show Business with Alexia Melocchi

Thank you for this Fantastic podcast. Just listened to the last two episodes!


Thank you for putting together this podcast. I just listened to the episode you did with Kraig Wenman, and I found it inspiring and helpful. I look forward to checking out your other episodes!

Inspiring and valuable information

Alexis’s podcasts are so valuable to those in the Entertainment business. Her deep insight and inspiring guests earn 5 stars. If you miss these Podcasts you are missing an opportunity to gain insightful information that could launch and help your career.

I love this podcast!

Alexia is the perfect combination of veteran experience and fresh passion for everything about the industry. Her conversations both educate and entertain in an effortless way. I love the perspective she has on things and her undying hope and realism about show biz.

Doing the Work with Blair Underwood

What a delightful podcast! Alexia‘s thoughtful, insightful, and probing questions revealed what a true gentleman and gentle man Blair Underwood is. Alex left no stone unturned by inquiring, compassionately, about Blair’s family life and his illustrious professional life. Alexia coaxed Blair into revealing his work ethics and his belief in the power of believing that ANYTHING is possible IF you’re willing to work. Their friendship was evident and enviable.

Wonderful podcast

Lots of insight and passion from this wonderful person! She shares her knowledge and heart. Truly a gem.

A treasure !

Alexia’s podcast is a treasure of inspiring insights for filmmakers and for everyone who loves movies. Furthermore the personal stories shared with the audience create a human connection, a sense of participation. We learn from each other . These conversations make me feel part of a creative community. So important to fuel my passions as an actress , producer and cultural activist. Thank you Alexia ! Grazie da Alessia Patregnani

Super Podcast

Alexia's approach is amazing. She's a true gem with a plethora of information. Love this podcast 💜

Alexia is truly a gem in the Show Business

Listening to Alexia’s calming and positive tone of voice always warms up my heart and soul. Her podcast is a great source of inspiration in my daily life and it is an absolute bliss to hear her guests’s lifetime stories. Alexia does an outstanding job as a host, giving a tremendous amount of respect to her guests and valuable content to her audience.

Review after your interview today

WonderfulPodcast I heard you on the interview today andI really love your podcast it is great for people learning to show business

Emmanuel itier interview

Wondeful and refreshing and honest interview of Emmanuel Itier who i have known for yesrs by my colleague and friend Alecia. Alexia ‘s years of expertise and international connections and insight on the many facets of the film industry which she has been part of , makes her show smart and honest with true heart . The Heart of Show Business is just the perfect title for this inspiring podcast she created.

Inspiring and motivating

Alexia has the sweetest, most calming voice that you instantly connect with. She delivers timely content that is meaningful and motivating. The connection with her guests and the information shared in the podcasts are exactly what I needed to hear. We need more people like her in the industry!

Phenomenally personal and insightful!

As an entertainment journalist for over 25 years, I am always looking for others who I can learn from as both a writer and interviewer. Alexia and her podcast are an inspiration to me. Her charm, intelligence, warmth and effortless conversational style drew me in from the start and clearly makes her interviewees feel relaxed and at home as they share personal anecdotes and insight from their lives in the industry and beyond. Alexia artfully balances her talks between harder hitting questions about the reality of working in entertainment with lighthearted questions that disarm her subjects and allow them to share more personal stories. A wonderful podcast. Can’t wait to hear more!!!


Very informative and great information on production. Amazing stories that will grab yourself attention such as the 19 year old that had one of the biggest drug cartels! Great buisness advice and guests! I’m hooked! It’s a must add to the playlist!


We have talked to a lot of famous people on my podcast but this podcast is amazing!

Knowledgeable and Impressive

Ms. Melocchi has a wide depth of knowledge of the industry, production, distribution and getting the product to market. I enjoyed her calming presence and informative show (s) Two thumbs up and a high recommend to both professional filmmakers and people learning the business! Bravo! Refreshing to hear people who really know the nuts and bolts of the business.

Interesting conversations

It’s always good to know how fellow filmmakers made it and are doing in the pandemic. This podcast gives you a peek of it. The conversations are open and candid.

Fernando Allende

I was so thrilled to listen to this episode of an icon I grew up watching on tv with my folks. I had no idea that Fernando was intimately close to Paul Newman, another icon. It is great to hear that we are not far from our dreams when we go for it just like Fernando Allende did coming to America. I am so impressed with Alexia’s interviewing skills! Thank you!

Real business. Real Hollywood.

People who are getting into the business of film and television, are often delivered a false sense of what the business is. In todays entertainment world the landscape is changed. Alexia tells it like it is. There's no rose colored, sugar coated, long winded Hollywood babble. Her guests are industry people with impressive film credits that anyone would want to have on their IMDB. Her wealth of knowledge is backed by her experience in the studio system as well as in the indie world. So dive in. It's all real, all heart, and all free.

Heart-Centered and Fabulous!

As an actor and first time producer whose passion is creating Conscious content, Alexia’s conscious vibe and heart-centered content is MUST listen for me and for anyone endeavoring to navigate the world of television, film, and “show business” in general! Her genuine love of all things show-business combined with her mindful, heart-centered approach keep me coming back episode after episode. And her kindness, wit, and genuine desire to serve are the gorgeous icing on an already delicious cake…. Alexia, I am so happy and grateful you are here!

Illuminating and Inspiring.

A great listen. Wonderful accounts of successful people in the industry with positive and appreciative takes on Hollywood.

An Authentic Approach to Hollywood

This is a must listen to podcast for not only those who want to break into the show biz, but for those who want to be successful in their personal, creative and life journeys. Alexia’s podcast style draws you in as she has a natural conversation with her guests. Each interview is different, containing its own unique golden nuggets advice for the reader. Her guests are super stars in their own right and so is Alexia! Bravo!! Can’t wait to learn from more episodes :)

Insightful and real!

Every actor should be following Alexia’s advice.


Alexia, you were meant to do this, you are a natural at interviewing talent! Thank you to both of you for an amazing insightful conversation!

Alexia is the real deal!!!!

I Love her podcast!! She is the real deal! Very insightful! Can’t wait for the next podcast

Love this!

What a great conversation with Maeve - I smiled when she mentioned Chris Evert - I loved my Chris Evert wooden racket! Nice insights from two smart ladies and so interesting to learn about an actor’s career trajectory. Can’t wait to listen to more conversations with Alexia and her esteemed guests!