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Alexia charm and wit bring passion and joy to the Hollywood lifestyle. Her knowledge and creativity in the industry are paramount to your Hollywood entrance!

#Behind the Scenes

What a delightful podcast. I felt like an insider getting an intimate look at Hollywood!

Great insights!

Thank you Alexia for sharing this with the world!

All Heart!

Not only does Alexia know her stuff, she’s bringing a whole new level of passion and insight to what being part of Hollywood means. She understands that art, expression, and creativity are at the core of this business, and how together they create magic and possibility. It’s refreshing to hear someone with such experience shed new light on how the process of making movies really begins with intention, vision and connection. I can’t wait to hear more episodes and be brought along for the journey!

The real deal in show business!

Alexia is a master in what she does. She will tell you the truth about what it takes and how to overcome with a bit of humor and heart. She truly is a gem and gives a different perspective with fun and reality intertwined. Worth listening to!


I highly recommend this podcast to anyone who is in or wants to be in any part of this industry. Alexia has a wonderful down to manner that is so refreshing. This is not trashy gossip it is positive, strengthening, empowering content that makes me want to get out and be creative ASAP.

Subscriber all-day

What a great perspective...so happy I fell into this podcast! Big fan, please keep them coming!


I Love... it's not an audition, it's a performance!! Great host and guest!

The Show Biz Boss!

This lovely lady brings such a charming personality whose warmth jumps right through my speakers. Alexia brings such a wealth of knowledge to the table with her vast experience in the entertainment industry. Having been in the biz myself I can totally relate to her and her guests. This is a true show with heart. Love you Alexia!!!

Bonni H in AZ

What a fascinating perspective this show brings to those of us who ar on the other side of the viewer side of the screen. Alexia brings such a real and exclusive look behind the scenes. Love this show and can't wait to keep listening.

Love it

Great show, thank you for your insight!

The Heart of Show Business

Inspiring! Authentic! What a pleasure to listen to. Looking forward to the next one!