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The Heart Of Show Business With Alexia Melocchi

The Heart Of Show Business With Alexia Melocchi

Information is power. From Mindset to Tactics to Implement- this is a deep dive into how Hollywood truly works with inspirational and empowering interviews of Business Leaders and Creators around the world. Get to know global creative and thought leaders from Hollywood and beyond as they share their knowledge and engage in unique conversations led by a successful Hollywood insider on navigating Show Business and making an impact in all areas of life.  Explore the journeys that made a difference in the path to success of accomplished creatives around the world.

Recent Episodes

Broadway Bound with Maite Uzal

July 31, 2022

What if you actually went after your dreams, even if it means leaving the familiar and safe choice behind? This is what Spanish actress Maite Uzal did. And it paid off: from being a lawyer in Spain to moving to America only …

CRAZY CAT LADY with Garrett Clancy

July 18, 2022

This episode is not about me. Though many of you know, I have cats. My podcast guest is filmmaker Garrett Clancy, who directed a wonderful new documentary currently in release, CRAZY CAT LADY. It is said that documentaries …

Winning the Life Game with Keith Mitchell

July 3, 2022

Keith Mitchell is a star athlete and yogi, a former NFL player who played for the New Orleans Saints. He also was the NFL's highest draft player at the time but then he suffered a spinal injury that put an end to his footbal…

Star Casting with Valerie Mc Caffrey

June 19, 2022

Is Confidence what makes someone a Hollywood Star? In today’s episode with a seasoned casting director, we dive deep into what is that elusive X-Factor that allows an actor or actress to have a long-term career. Valerie M…

The Italian Angle with Marco Valerio Pugini

June 5, 2022

My podcast is global. We want to highlight artists and talent from all over the world because Hollywood is not just a town. Hollywood is a global film and tv machine and my guest today is Marco Valerio Pugini of PANORAMA FIL…

Yes Man with David Winning

May 23, 2022

Canadian Director David Winning has shot 43 features, and 29 series, and has 180 TV credits overall. And he has yet to turn down a job. Join me in this inspiring conversation about being the master of your creative fate, the…