The Heart Of Show Business With Alexia Melocchi

Phenomenally personal and insightful!

As an entertainment journalist for over 25 years,
I am always looking for others who I can learn from as both a writer and interviewer. Alexia and her podcast are an inspiration to me. Her charm, intelligence, warmth and effortless conversational style drew me in from the start and clearly makes her interviewees feel relaxed and at home as they share personal anecdotes and insight from their lives in the industry and beyond. Alexia artfully balances her talks between harder hitting questions about the reality of working in entertainment with lighthearted questions that disarm her subjects and allow them to share more personal stories. A wonderful podcast. Can’t wait to hear more!!!

Oct. 18, 2020 by Jazz Police on Apple Podcasts

The Heart Of Show Business With Alexia Melocchi