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June 5, 2022

The Italian Angle with Marco Valerio Pugini

The Italian Angle with Marco Valerio Pugini

My podcast is global. We want to highlight artists and talent from all over the world because Hollywood is not just a town. Hollywood is a global film and tv machine and my guest today is Marco Valerio Pugini of PANORAMA FILM. What does a physical production executive actually do?

 Whenever you're filming something in a different country, you do need to get associated and aligned and partnered up with solid European professional line producers who really know how to run things in the country that you're filming.

Having worked with the likes of Jane Campion, Ridley Scott, and Tom Cruise, he has supervised the production of House of Gucci, Eat, Pray, Love, and The Sopranos. Let’s dive deep into all things filming in Italy, how tax credits work, and the importance of knowing the right crew.

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