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Aug. 14, 2022

Writing a Bestseller with David R. Stokes

Writing a Bestseller with David R. Stokes
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David R. Stokes loves American history. And theology. He poured his creative juices into both areas by writing compelling stories and inspirational books. His fictional novels got him published by Random House, with a few of his books climbing the best seller charts.  David first began working in radio with his own national XM satellite radio talk show and has been a frequent guest host for talk shows across the country. Over the years, he has interviewed hundreds of political leaders, authors, media personalities, historians, and business leaders. 

As an ordained minister, he had in his congregation some prominent figures of Washington- that became the source for many of his great characters from his books “Camelot’s Cousin” and “Apparent Danger.”  His work got the attention of actors like Blair Underwood, who will be producing one of his books together with Little Studio Films. In this really intriguing podcast, we discuss how authors get published, the role of Faith in creativity, and some fabulous “what if” scenarios that inspired the exciting plot lines in all of his books.


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