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July 3, 2022

Winning the Life Game with Keith Mitchell

Winning the Life Game with Keith Mitchell

Keith Mitchell is a star athlete and yogi, a former NFL player who played for the New Orleans Saints. He also was the NFL's highest draft player at the time but then he suffered a spinal injury that put an end to his football career and his life trajectory changed dramatically. Drawing from his physical and emotional healing through breathwork, yoga, and meditation he wrote a book “THE MINDFULNESS PLAYBOOK”. From that point, he has become a point of reference for holistic health and motivational coaching for several celebrities and Humanitarian organizations, including our very own First Lady Michelle Obama.

In this podcast, Keith and I discuss his life, his ever-expanding mission to help others reach their highest potential, and the importance of presence in every aspect of life through breathwork, and having a spiritual practice.   As he works on upcoming events, retreats, and courses inspired by his book, please make sure you check out his website. Special Thanks to THE EDEN MAGAZINE and Maryam Morrison for facilitating this interview.


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