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June 13, 2021

The Rise Of The International with Gilles Marini

The Rise Of The International with Gilles Marini
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You know him as a sexy French man who seduces Samantha in the blockbuster movie Sex and the City and from being an incredible dancer one step away from winning the mirror ball trophy on the show Dancing with the Stars. But the meteoric rise of international movie star Gilles Marini allowed his Fans to continue seeing him in a multitude of films on the big and small screen.  Our chat today is about the Cannes Film Festival taking place near his hometown, the rise of international content and talent because of the vision of Netflix, and the power of perseverance that is an essential element to make it in Show Business. We also freestyle to so many more fun topics such as how Gilles met his wife, his latest film Venus as a boy, why he never got rid of his accent and the long-term effects of the pandemic with young people.  Make sure you perk up your ears at the end for an inspiring message about the insidious effects of bullying, the need for clearer communication between people, and the importance of free-thinking.

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