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Sept. 8, 2020

The Reality Check of Actors when Hollywood stood still- Another Conversation with Actress Maeve Quinlan

The Reality Check of Actors when Hollywood stood still- Another Conversation with Actress Maeve Quinlan
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How do actors cope when all productions are put on hold?  When loved ones are being kept at a distance, in this episode, the Hollywood veil gets lifted to give us a glimpse of the real and raw emotion of an artist.

Maeve Quinlan was in my premiere episode but there was so much more to share about how we all cope when our natural desire to be close is being put to the test and how to keep creating and working on our dreams even when all appears to be hopeless.

In this episode, I have a freestyle conversation with Maeve Quinlan that will bring a smile to your face. She is a critically acclaimed Irish American actress, starring in over 40 features films, television series, and movies. She works with actors on all levels, both alongside them in front of the camera and from the producer’s point of view. 

Right here, Maeve  talks about the reality of working as an actress: what “Hollywood types” are really like, why she nearly gave up on acting, and how she decided to stick with it. Going deeper, we continue on to have a really moving conversation about what Maeve ’s experience is like amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, especially when it comes to visiting her mother in a nursing home. 

In This Episode You Will Learn: 

  • Why the myth of the “fake” Hollywood types just isn’t true. (4:05)
  • Why Maeve nearly gave up acting and how Jon Lovitz inspired her to keep going. (8:59)
  • How The Bold and the Beautifulstarted production again after pausing during the pandemic. (20:29)
  • What it was like for Maeve to see her mom, who lives in a nursing home, for the first time in months and why it caught the attention of the press. (23:16)
  • The story of how Maeve rescued a dog for her mother. (33:37)

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