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Oct. 7, 2020

The Power of Yes with Gary Quinn

The Power of Yes with Gary Quinn
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Have you ever had things magically come together in your artistic endeavors? Most of the time, though we call it magic, it’s actually happening in moments where LIFE says YES to our dreams and our needs.

But is this luck, serendipity or do we magnetize it?

My special very special guest today is Gary Quinn. Gary Quinn is an international motivational speaker, life coach, strategist, educator and best- selling author. Several of his recent books that become bestsellers in the self- help categories, and are acknowledged as essential tools for those seeking to improve their lives, business and relationships. Gary was also seen in the inspirational documentary the Invocation, narrated by Sharon Stone from filmmaker Emmanuel Itier.

We discuss about the power of mission statement, getting published,  meeting Roberto Benigni, and his passion for all things Italy.

The need to transform ourselves- going from an Olympic hopeful to being invited on the Paramount Lot and making a mission statement to become a published author(2:28). 

The concept behind THE YES FREQUENCY BOOK and its connection to Jim Carrey (18:40)

The importance of having a purpose (22:38).

How money is energy (26:28) and how to choose your next project based on how it makes you feel.

A daily practice to expand our hearts and connection to others (27:59)

Appreciating those who help you on the way up (33.20)

How anybody can be a "manifester" (35:10)

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