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Sept. 27, 2022

The Heart of Presenting with Andrew Eggelton

The Heart of Presenting with Andrew Eggelton

You do not have to stand on a stage to be a Speaker.  Being able to captivate an audience, big or small,  can bring about the amplification of success in Business or the Arts.
With over 28 years of Public Speaking and TV Presenting, Andrew Eggelton is sought to master what Authenticity truly means and how to achieve it.   
The space between the words is as potent as the words themselves.  And that is Andrew's secret sauce in mentoring Speakers to work in a place of ‘Suspended Presence,’ to take ownership of the space and not surrender it. This type of  Authenticity creates a connection with your audience and gives potency to the actual message in storytelling.
Join me for a fascinating conversation about being the Messenger of Words and how it can help your creative goals.

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