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May 2, 2021

The Brand Of An Artist With Nicole Hansen

The Brand Of An Artist With Nicole Hansen
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Does an artist need to hone the skills of self-promotion and branding? Absolutely!

Today my guest, Nicole Hansen, from Ebrandgelize Digital will tell you all about it.  Nicole Hansen is a film and television actress turned CEO of a successful brand awareness and consulting company and a true advocate for women in Business and in the Arts.

Dive in with me as we discuss how she produced and marketed a PSA that her 10-year-old son made about global warming.  Hear the fun backstory of her starring in a Billy Idol music video while impersonating Marylin Monroe!
And get inspired by this true Boss Lady,  who has lent her branding experience and acumen to work on the social media campaign for female DGA directors for Awards Season
And of course, we have to talk about how she also pivoted during the pandemic, launching her quarantine quizine group to share recipes for stay-at-home cooking.
 Nicole will also give you some tips to get eyeballs on your personal brand and movie projects and explain why all women should embrace their age, personal journey, in front of the camera,  on social media, and in business.

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