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Dec. 19, 2021

Thank you notes with Erica and Vin Di Bona

Thank you notes with Erica and Vin Di Bona
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Two words - THANK YOU - if truly heartfelt, can open more doors to happiness and success than ever imagined.

There is a saying that goes your NETWORK is your NET WORTH. In this podcast episode, my guests, Erica Gerard Di Bona and Vin Di Bona are taking us on a journey of values, passion, and old-school manners.

Erica Gerard di Bona is an accomplished production executive and the author of “ The Power of Thank You:

How Writing a Letter can Open Doors, Make Friends and Close Deals”. 

Together we discuss the 3 keys to writing thank you notes that make an impact and lead to an expansion of one’s business and personal network and a special story about one of Erica’s pen pals as a child, the President of the United States.

Vin Di Bona is a Television Show Runner and Producer, best known for the long-running series “MacGyver”, “Entertainment Tonight” and the number 1 show for family co-viewing on Broadcast TV, “America’s funniest videos”. 

Since the 1980’s he has leveraged the power of direct connections with viewers through the submission of Amateur Clips for his show,  before Social Media was actually a Business.

Vin chats with me about his connection to Italy,  what family means to him, and gives some great advice on perseverance when pitching film or tv projects.

A special thank you to ITTV for bringing us together.

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