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June 19, 2022

Star Casting with Valerie Mc Caffrey

Star Casting with Valerie Mc Caffrey

Is Confidence what makes someone a Hollywood Star?  In today’s episode with a seasoned casting director, we dive deep into what is that elusive  X-Factor that allows an actor or actress to have a long-term career.  Valerie Mc Caffrey has cast 121 movies and discovered stars like Edward Norton when she cast him in American History X during her tenure at New Line Cinema. Since then she has expanded into executive producing and managing talent herself.  Just like me, she believes that if you are seasoned enough, you can be a multi-hyphenate. But always have a FIRST LOVE with your primary line of work.

This special episode is not just about casting,  although it does offer priceless advice about how to break into the Industry. Valerie and I have an intimate conversation about the women who are changing the Hollywood landscape with resilience and integrity and how securing talent helps or deters the financing of film and tv shows.

Grab a piece of paper and take notes!

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