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Jan. 24, 2021

Producing with Purpose with Hadeel Reda

Producing with Purpose with Hadeel Reda
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Hadeel Reda has been 25 years in film and TV development, distribution and financing. She's a visionary film executive who has overseen marketing campaigns for the Lion King and Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas. She also oversaw the international sales efforts of over 30 movies for Winchester films owned by my good friend, Gary Smith. And I actually remember one of their movies Heartbreakers with Sigourney Weaver that I actually have bought the DVD for.

She just released THE RIDE  starring Ludacris that is so timely and inspirational and I highly recommend it.

 In this episode we get real on the job of a producer, and why there is an art to being a good one. You will hear about riding the tide of change in how content is made,  and why she believed so much in the message and story of THE RIDE.

We shared our common views on the power of storytelling and the heartbreak of not going to the cinemas for most of 2020. But truly, at the core of it all, what emerges is seeking authenticity in our everyday life and through film and tv.

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