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April 5, 2021

Producing Abroad with Kayvan Mashayekh

Producing Abroad with Kayvan Mashayekh
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Enter the world of global productions with my special Guest Kayvan Mashayekh. 

Kayvan is a man of many talents, filmmaker, writer, producer but he is known for his incredible work bringing global producers together as the Chairman of the International Committee of the Producers Guild of America.

He is also a super-connector and has created insightful content with his vlog CANNES- TASTIC during the Cannes Film Festival as well informative panels on Producing Without Borders.

Join me in this inspired conversation about storytelling, how COVID has affected international productions and shooting, the 3 Ps to succeed as a film or tv producer, and the power of serendipity when absorbed like a sponge how to navigate the Business through Spielberg’s producing partner for Shindler’s List, Branko Lustig.

Stick around all through the end, as we reveal the magic of making heart-centered connections and how it can massively benefit the realization of your goals.

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