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April 18, 2021

On Making Award Winning Films with Sergio Navarretta

On Making Award Winning Films with Sergio Navarretta
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How does one make an Award-winning film? How important is the role of the film director in choosing stories that lift our hearts and makes us feel connected?

My discussion with internationally recognized award-winning director Sergio Navaretta is all about meaningful storytelling. Sergio is fiercely passionate about bringing meaningful content that focuses on the exploration of the human condition, which is why he is at the heart of the showbusiness podcast. 

He is currently promoting his latest film, the Cubans starring Oscar winner Louis Gossett, Jr., and a plethora of seasoned actors. He's also an executive producer on the biopic of Lamborghini, starring Alec Baldwin and Antonio Banderas,  has executive produced Arctic Dogs now on Netflix, with Jeremy Renner, James Franco, Angelica, Houston, Alec Baldwin.

 Grab a cup of tea and enjoy an inspired conversation about the journey taken to see Sergio’s latest movie THE CUBAN produced and released. You will love hearing about the unique casting process that Sergio uses in all his movies and the work ethic of Oscar-winning actors.  As a heart-centered director, Sergio has also put on the hat of the producer on multiple occasions and is a fierce advocate of being the master of your own destiny by backing your own vision in any way you can, including using your own credit cards.

 COVID did change the landscape of  Hollywood and allowed storytellers who want to make films about social issues to transform the pandemic from curse to blessing.  And Sergio is ready to fall in love with the stories that celebrate humanity.

Sergio, like all of us, had his share of dark moments and has experienced fear and anxiety, onset and out. Listen to how he switched mindset by embracing his inner journey and why he found his calling to mentor emerging filmmakers in between movies.

 Of course, having shared many Cannes film festivals together, we can’t help but dish on the Celebrities that have crossed our paths and the experience of glitz and glamour of being in the French Riviera meeting film legends. You will have to listen all the way to the end to know who!

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