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Nov. 21, 2021

Love Hacking with Susan Hum

Love Hacking with Susan Hum
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Susan Hum is a thought leader and self-mastery expert specializing in the areas of love and relationship with a specific focus on emotional intelligence. Her own personal journey led Susan to achieve success in all pillars of life, family,  career,  business, and financial freedom. She is also the host of the podcast Heart of Truth. Susan’s success in helping high achievers open their hearts to love, including yours truly, by the way, and live with more passion,  has led her to work with some very prominent leaders in business, sports, music, and Hollywood. In 2020, she created the Steel Rose movement, a conscious leadership platform for women with a mission to elevate love consciousness in the world by narrowing all divides in society, whether between women's genders, race cultures, identity preferences, or personal beliefs.

 In this episode, Susan and I discuss our personal journeys to tap into self-love, and how to get the tools to become “rejection proof” in business and in our personal lives.  Grab a warm cup of something and listen in, as we cover crucial information about boundaries, leadership, self-care, being a steel rose, and staying connected to our heart to let that authenticity, that personal brand, rise up to the surface to bring the right opportunities and people our way. 

 Susan is known as the Love Hacker and I am known as the Heart of Show Business.  Our life philosophies and strategies ignited a collaboration to help women discover their unique soul signature that will amplify and elevate their personal brand to achieve authentic abundance in all areas of life. To find out more and get a free e-book to jumpstart your personal brand hacking journey, click on the first link below!

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