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Oct. 23, 2021

Italians In Hollywood with Valentina Martelli

Italians In Hollywood with Valentina Martelli
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Can Italian Excellence dominate Hollywood?

The Italian Television Festival (ITTV) in its second LIVE year, after the Pandemic Hiatus, is about to kick off in style in Los Angeles and it’s bringing all the Italian movers and shakers in film, music, brands, and food.

My guest today is beautiful, smart, and purpose-driven Valentina Martelli. She has a lot to say about the uniqueness of this yearly event, that not only is 100 percent free, but it aims to break boundaries between US television and the World.

Valentina Is an Italian American television journalist and also an investigative reporter and anchorwoman for RAI Italian television.  She's also the founder and creative director of ITTV Festival,  through her GOOD GIRLS PLANET, a triage of trailblazing women in Media.

I happen to be a proud board member of ITTV.  If you love Italy and Italian Cinema, you must hear this conversation.  It will leave you energized with positivity and inspired by the Italian people's humanity, values, and cultural contributions.

Come with me on this journey of the HEART of all things Italian.

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