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April 6, 2023

Herd Around The Barn with Kathy Stevens

Herd Around The Barn with Kathy Stevens
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What’s the most urgent social change movement right now? Perhaps ending poverty, gender equality, or inclusion comes to mind—what about the rights of sentient species? To raise a life for dispassionate mass consumption, waste, and greed is a delay in our evolution as a species. Until we recognize that we are no better than the animals we take for granted.

Kathy Stevens is the founder and visionary of The Catskill Animal Sanctuary, a 150-acre farm refuge for animals rescued from cruel neglect and abandonment. Located two hours north of Manhattan, she combines her passion for teaching and animals to give these creatures a new chance at life while giving people the opportunity to experience their beauty and individuality.

In this profound conversation, you’ll learn:

  • The moral and global implications of animal mass consumption.
  • Why animal sanctuaries can help anyone start doing their part.
  • How to experience a higher awareness by visiting an animal sanctuary.
  • How film can be the catalyst that begins the change within you.
  • Becoming a vegan starts with understanding an animal’s individuality.

Press play and start a better change for the planet and all its beautiful fauna.

Sponsor: The Eden Magazine

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