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Nov. 14, 2021

Finding your Audience with Jim Fall

Finding your Audience with Jim Fall
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Director and writer Jim Fall is my guest today, and you don’t want to miss this conversation. He made his big splash in Hollywood in 1999 with the indie feature TRICK, showcased at Sundance. And then he went on to direct in 2003The Lizzie McGuire movie for Disney. At the time, it came in second after X Men in the box office. He then directed the likes of Zachary Quinto in VH1, and John Stamos in the Wedding Wars at A&E. Jim found his niche in directing niche - from same-sex romcoms to Christmas movies to vehicles for Disney darlings. But at the core, he is about storytelling and bringing to life what’s on the page.

 Find out how he got TRICK made, what it was like to jump from indie film to making a Studio movie, to his first and hopefully last experience working on a Christmas movie that put his patience and artistic commitment to the test.  But Jim is someone that forgives and moves on. And in this podcast, he shares his views on what makes a good director, maintaining personal integrity, working in harmony with your entire crew, and identifying the audience that will follow your journey, even if you are not the latest social media sensation.

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