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Oct. 31, 2021

Expanding Creativity with Cerina Vincent

Expanding Creativity with Cerina Vincent

Artists are storytellers- and When fueled by a sense of purpose, they express that beyond the craft they are most known for. 

Cerina Vincent -My guest in this episode -is not only a talented and experienced actor - but she is also a mother, an author, and beautiful inside and out.

Lean in and listen as she tells us about the tragic event that triggered her latest book, EVERYBODY HAS A BELLY BUTTON,  written and created for her son to celebrate diversity and teach our young ones about the beautiful shades of skin.

We also discuss how to reconcile with the rejections of Hollywood, remote auditions, the joy of eating food for the sheer pleasure of it, life rules, the value of having a female posse, and her podcast on parenting. And so much more.

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