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Dec. 5, 2021

Entertainment Law Exposed with David Wienir

Entertainment Law Exposed with David Wienir
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What does an Entertainment Lawyer really do and do creatives really need one? 

In this episode,  we meet one of Hollywood’s top Entertainment Attorneys who truly cares for artists, because he is one.

His weekly clubhouse session on entertainment law exposed drives hundreds of people every week to get precious legal advice that you will be paying hundreds if not 1000s of dollars for and he offers that as a gift to the artistic community. David Wienir is a  business affairs executive at United talent agency. He's a UCLA Extension instructor and a published author. Before UTA he practiced law and the two top talent boutique agencies and had an early legal career as a litigator and First Amendment lawyer in New York. He was educated at Columbia, the London School of Economics, Berkeley Law, and the Regent University at Amsterdam

This podcast, like drifting down a river, is a very unique ride, filled with raging waters of longing to do more with one’s profession,  to peaceful ponds of integrity when one walks away from that which does not feed one’s soul to going on journeys in strange places in foreign lands to make unlikely friendships and writing a book about it,  to defending free speech and ultimately becoming a spokesperson for good and ethical business practices in shark-infested Hollywood.

Are you ready to paddle downstream with us? Then put your earbuds on and let’s go.

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