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May 16, 2021

Doing The Work with Blair Underwood

Doing The Work with Blair Underwood
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What’s God, family values, and work ethic got to do with it?

A lot – according to my guest, Tony nominee, Emmy Winner, actor, director, producer Blair Underwood.

This episode is not just about Show Business, it’s about Life.

Let’s dive in with this incredibly inspiring, heart-centered conversation with an artist that lives and breathes connection to himself, his purpose, and society as a whole.

Blair will candidly discuss his journey as an actor, his passion for the Theatre, the importance of family, how his Faith has helped him through rough times, giving back, and the wonderful projects he has lined up for himself as an actor, director, and producer in 2021 and beyond.

You will also love hearing about his relationship with acting and directing legends like Cicely Tyson, Ava DuVernay, and how inclusion has changed the landscape of storytelling.

Our conversation extends to being present for our loved ones, dealing with the finality of life,  and Blair’s principles to finding meaning and personal and professional success.

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