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Sept. 19, 2021

Brand Yourself with Dhomonique Murphy

Brand Yourself with Dhomonique Murphy
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How do you define yourself in 28 words or less?

In today’s very competitive business world, and in Hollywood, you get one shot- to stand out, to make a difference, to get ahead.

And if you have a clear knowledge of your personal brand, you have 10x your chances of getting to the finish line.

There are always people who say it’s vital to define Who do you help? And how do you help them? 

But also it can be translated as what do you do and why? And if there's somebody who really has mastered that ability to showcase it perfectly is my guest Dhomonique Murphy.

 She is a three-time Emmy Award-winning television personality, a mom, a serial entrepreneur, and the owner of several media companies who went from beauty queen to Clubhouse queen, as she inspires millions to leverage their personal brand for expansion always and in ALL WAYS.

 You do not want to miss her personal journey to success and her amazing tips that you can use RIGHT NOW to shine your Brand light so the world can notice!

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