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Oct. 3, 2021

Beyond Black Beauty with Ashley Avis

Beyond Black Beauty with Ashley Avis
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This heart of showbusiness episode has been brought to you by its sponsor, the Eden magazine. The Eden magazine focuses on awareness and educational articles to promote and emphasize humane living and environmental consciousness for all living beings. The Eden magazine is a nonprofit 501 c three, available online and in print, to take you to the world of living in a healthier, harmonious, and cruelty-free world.


Ashley Avis is the director of the much-loved new rendition of the classic BLACK BEAUTY, currently available on DISNEY PLUS. 

A prolific filmmaker with strong advocacy for all animals, Ashley's mission is to rescue wild horses. In this podcast, we discuss the challenging but rewarding journey from script to screen of BLACK BEAUTY. Still, with the greater focus, we talk about her upcoming documentary and labor of love, " WILD BEAUTY, Mustang of the Spirit West". 


Join me for an inspiring and moving conversation. In life, Ashley leans into what her father taught her- to look for champions- those with a voice and put into action what they believe in, no matter the cost. We also discuss being a woman director, including diverse voices in content and its challenges, and the importance of team building in filmmaking, such as a cinematographer.


Grab a Kleenex when we do a deep dive on the soul of animals with the inspiring tale on Ashley's rescue of a coat and his mother during the filming of the atrocious wild mustang hunt. The pair is now Ambassador Horses for equine therapy for kids, offered through her Wild Beauty Foundation. You will also be moved by the initiatives of 10-year-old Jocelyn. She took it upon herself to rally for hundreds of kids to write to lawmakers to protect wild horses.


Perhaps, we should all use our voices. If they come together as one, they can actually bring about change on many issues. Please check out the links below on how you can help on social media and beyond. 

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