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June 27, 2021

Becoming a Mentalist with Susan Dynner

Becoming a Mentalist with Susan Dynner

Can you win Sundance, become a magician and use mind-reading to master a business meeting?

Apparently YES. 

Producer, Director and ex Studio Executive Susan Dynner certainly mastered the above.

From band photographer to working with Studio directors such as Richard Donner and Wolfgang Peterson, Nick Cassavettes, scouting content on their behalf, Susan is one of the nice ones.

Standing in her truth, she championed the project BRICK which went on to win Sundance. She also directed a documentary on Punk Music which was celebrated by critics at Festivals around the world.

Join me in a conversation about magic, becoming a mentalist, and performing at the Magic Castle- and the emotional impact the Little Prince made on Susan’s life purpose, how she proudly holds space for “the nice ones” because in Hollywood you can have success being nice, in spite of apparencies

We also talk about our mutual love for music, my run-in with Spandau Ballet, and her run-in with David Bowie.

And of course, as all my guests give from their heart, the wisdom gems are a can’t miss!

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